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wealth management

planning and strategizing 

We believe that a complete financial picture does not revolve around only one aspect of wealth management. Instead, we engage with the client on a variety of fronts. With our group of allied companies, we have significant experience in creating, implementing and assessing plans for small-business owners as well as for clients with large estates. Besides helping our clients set up pension and retirement plans, we provide complex tax-planning services, both domestically and internationally. 


At Evolve we work with our clients to help them identify the fundamental values and objectives that drive their investment decisions, estate planning, charitable giving, small-business needs and pension planning. We develop and implement investment policies that are designed to minimize risk and provide liquidity, cash flow and growth as needed.

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customized plans 
and implementation
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Each of our clients is unique and requires a tailored approach to wealth management. Whether you have assets in Europe, Canada, or the United States, we customize plans and invest according to your needs. Evolve manages our client expectations with goals-based investment criteria complemented by rebalancing as needed or desired. 

Through our transparent and hands-on approach, we continuously monitor your portfolio and, if necessary, rebalance its holdings to align with your investment parameters. Through frequent communication, we will keep you abreast of your portfolio and its performance. We keep in personal touch with our clients through quarterly and annual meetings with each of them. 

goals-based results

By its very nature, Evolve is goals driven. Our goal is to customize portfolios for our clients to achieve their investment objectives through our discretionary management services. 

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