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Tax preparation

Evolve Wealth Advisors is capable of aiding in the preparation and submission of various tax returns, covering all 50 states, for both individuals and their affiliated private business entities. Additionally, we have the capacity to provide recommendations for more intricate business returns through external resources when necessary.

helping with tax preparation 

Tax Optimization Strategies:

Tax Loss Harvesting Strategy: If you have taxable investment accounts, strategically divesting underperforming assets can be a means to mitigate a substantial capital gains tax liability come tax season.

Tax Bracket Management: Balancing your income by contributing to retirement plans or deferring asset sales to the following year can help prevent higher tax rate obligations.

Charitable Planning: In certain scenarios, it may be beneficial to forgo the standard deduction to itemize expenses like mortgage interest, state and local taxes, medical costs, and charitable contributions.

Business Tax Planning: Key business decisions, including structuring, capitalizing on deductions, and coordinating employee 401(k) contributions, can have a significant impact on your overall tax liability.

Tax preparation services

To make the most of our tax preparation services, you'll initiate the process by signing a Tax Preparation Agreement. Subsequently, we engage in a discovery phase designed to gain a comprehensive understanding of your tax situation. This includes conducting a year-end tax projection to ensure all necessary planning is completed before year-end. We also meticulously examine your tax returns from the past two years while ensuring that we have gathered all the requisite documents and information essential for the strategic preparation of your return.

Following this initial phase, our implementation process begins. This entails the creation of a preliminary tax return. We engage in discussions with you to address any remaining queries necessary for the completion of your return. Once the draft is ready, we present it to you for your review. Upon receiving your approval, we provide you with a PDF copy of the return and archive a copy in your tax file. We then seek your consent for eFiling, and once authorized, we proceed to electronically file the return with the appropriate tax agencies. Finally, we notify you once the eFiling has been accepted.

Tax Preparation fees

Evolve Wealth Advisors extends its tax preparation services exclusively to clients who are enrolled in our fee-based wealth management program and have met our investment minimum of $500,000. Please note that these services are not accessible to clients who engage on an hourly-only basis. The cost of these services will fluctuate based on the intricacy of your tax situation and the assets under our management. For specific details regarding costs, we encourage you to consult with your Evolve Wealth advisor.

Tax return

Information presented does not involve the rendering of personalized investment advice, but is limited to the dissemination of general information. Content should not be construed as legal or tax advice, Evolve Wealth Advisors is not engaged in the practice of law or accounting. You should consult your legal and tax advisors before implementing any recommendation contained in this presentation.

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