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investment management

Evolve takes the position that no one approach is suitable for all clients. Our investment philosophy is based on our conviction that a client is most likely to achieve investment objectives with a customized plan that accounts for each unique aspect of the client's situation. 

Depending on the client's objectives and risk tolerance, our discretionary portfolio management team can provide active management expertise.

Our investment philosophy - "growth at a reasonable price” - uses a bottom-up investment approach and takes a long-term view over four to six years. We identify as investment prospects companies that have the following characteristics: strong full-cycle profitability, healthy financial positions, strong business models with good visibility and management teams that can deploy capital at above-average rates and that can grow their businesses on a per-share basis. We also take into consideration the risk characteristics of each business and industry. Portfolio decisions are based on both macro-level and security-level research and analysis.

risk management approach

Our goal is to maximize returns while mitigating the inherent risks within a particular client’s portfolio. Throughout the onboarding process, Evolve will work with you to determine the optimal risk/return balance within your portfolio. Our objective is to make sure that your future goals are achieved.  


To achieve each client’s objectives, the Evolve team will construct a portfolio that will utilize multiple asset classes so as to optimize your risk/return profile, while taking into consideration wealth preservation and tax consequences.

The Evolve team can build a portfolio with the following asset classes:

  • domestic and foreign equities

  • domestic and foreign fixed income (including municipal, federal and corporate bonds, et al.)

  • alternative investments and

  • real estate

Our investment process is built around collaboration. The investment team meets once a week to discuss prevailing market conditions and determine portfolio construction and asset allocation. This approach ensures that our investment philosophy and style remains consistent and adheres to our clients’ objectives  


Although an investment policy is always about investing and investments, it is also about governance and mission. A strong investment policy statement is the foundation of planning because it provides an outline of continuity and vision and because it defines the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved.  

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