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retirement planning

With Evolve as your financial advisor, Retirement Planning takes center stage. Retirement planning is a fundamental service, and Evolve is dedicated to helping you build a solid foundation for your retirement dreams.

Wondering where your retirement funds will come from? Most individuals rely on a combination of employer retirement plans, Social Security, personal savings, and investments to fund their retirement lifestyle. Crafting a retirement budget and gaining a clear understanding of your expenses are essential steps toward achieving your retirement goals. Our expertise comes into play as we analyze your potential sources of retirement income and expenses.

Whether you're still in the wealth accumulation phase or have already retired, your retirement strategy is pivotal in several ways:

  1. Meeting your retirement income needs, desires, goals, and expenses.

  2. Sustaining your preferred lifestyle choices and priorities.

  3. Ensuring that your family's long-term objectives, including travel, healthcare, estate planning, wealth preservation, charitable giving, and other goals, are financially supported.

The Evolve team specializes in developing a retirement plan tailored to your needs, encompassing:

  • Trustworthy and efficient approaches for generating retirement income.

  • Recognizing and actively working toward your retirement income objectives.

  • Effectively navigating income taxes, both in the present and during your retirement years.

  • Analyzing the factors in your retirement strategy to guarantee they are in sync with your goals.

  • Investigating possibilities for long-term care insurance and funding solutions.

  • Evaluating options for distributing funds from workplace retirement plans, including rollovers and in-service withdrawals from qualified plans.

  • Managing Traditional and Roth IRAs, as well as streamlining the consolidation of IRA accounts.

With Evolve as your partner, we're here to help you navigate the path to a secure and fulfilling retirement.


During our assessment phase, we have two primary objectives: firstly, to gain insight into your vision of a fulfilling retirement, and secondly, to evaluate your current financial situation. Your Evolve team will provide you with a Document Checklist as the initial step in collecting the necessary information to develop your personalized retirement plan.


Evolve will actively pursue the prioritized steps outlined in your retirement plan. This may involve various actions, such as collaborating with a CPA to devise a tax strategy, coordinating with an estate attorney to establish essential estate documents, or assisting you in safeguarding your family through a comprehensive insurance strategy. Additionally, your Evolve team will guide you in making investments in a diversified portfolio that aligns perfectly with your objectives and risk tolerance.


Your Evolve Wealth Team will unveil your Retirement Plan, complete with cash flow projections and a stress test to assess its robustness. As part of this presentation, you will receive a set of prioritized action steps designed to propel you toward your retirement objectives. Additionally, you'll be provided with a customized portfolio tailored to your specific needs, risk tolerance, and financial goals.


You will have regular meetings with your Evolve team to revisit and fine-tune your retirement plan. Adjustments will be incorporated into your plan to reflect any shifts in your life circumstances. In addition, you will receive quarterly performance reports and gain access to a wealth of financial education resources, including client events, informative webinars, and newsletters.

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